The rain of the animals

One sunny afternoon in northern Africa a group of hyper-intelligent animals gathered in a lecture room in a top-secret underground bunker then  the Elephant delivered his speech.

“We have been in the shadows for too long,it is time for us to take over. The rain of the human is over, long live the animal empire.” A chorus of hurrahs came from the crowd.As they arose from the bunker a group of hunters awaited them.

CHARGE!”  yelled the elephant.

FIRE! yelled the hunters. BANG !BANG! BANG!

“ha ha you missed you need some aim practice” Then suddenly boof their bodies fell.

One thought on “The rain of the animals

  1. Plenty of action in your story, Thomas, but what a sad ending! I really like all the speech in your story, it really helps it to move along at a fast pace. I think you used the prompt in an imaginative way and that the elephant’s speech is very powerful and persuasive. I think you just need to check the spelling of ‘rain’. I think you might mean ‘reign’!

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